BIO Porky Wurst
  • Pork
    Buchenholzrauch The pork is produced within a 150-km radius of Bad Arolsen, northern Germany. Because we hand-pick the organic farmers we use, we can guarantee 100% that only the very best organically reared pigs make it to the Bad Arolsen slaughterhouse. But, before the meat is turned into Porkilicious® sausages, it undergoes very thorough quality testing by our butchers. Only the best cuts, which meet our strict standards in terms of freshness, colour and aroma, are approved for processing.
  • Sea Salt
    Meersalz Salt is an essential ingredient in the production of sausage products, as it is responsible for both the taste and the shelf life. To make Porkilicious® we use sea salt obtained by leaving sea water to evaporate in the sun. This is the oldest and most natural method of extracting salt, which makes it perfect for our Porkilicious®. Porkilicious® is free from preservatives such as sodium nitrite – which sets it apart from other mini salamis.
  • Seasoning
    Seasoning has a long history, stretching far back into the earliest days of mankind. Even primitive societies knew all about using special blends of herbs and spices to enhance their cooking. Herbs are also known to be beneficial to health and even have healing properties. Herbs and spices have been major sources of trade the world over since time immemorial, and a global network became established early on. Our special, secret Porkilicious® recipe has evolved over time to become the pure, unadulterated seasoning we use today.
  • Dextrose and glucose syrup
    Dextrose* + Glucosesirup* These two organic sugar varieties provide a source of nutrients for our Porkilicious® cultures – special microorganisms that act as tiny, natural aroma-producing agents. During the long curing period when we leave our sausage to mature, the cultures digest the majority of the organic sugar, leaving behind the distinctive Porkilicious® taste..
  • Beechwood smoke
    Buchenholzrauch Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving sausages. Smouldering beechwood embers generate smoke that preserves the food, whilst at the same time infusing it with flavour. Porkilicious® loses a lot of water during the maturing and smoking process, and this gives it its delicate fresh sausage taste.


Over 35% of our Porkilicious packaging is made from renewable resources. This has reduced our use of fossil fuels by over 40% in comparison to the conventional plastic packaging. When converted, this represents a 15% saving on CO2 equivalent emissions.